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Understanding the rock mechanics of the formations for building tunnels, dams, buildings and road construction is important for engineers to design effective and safe improvements to our infrastructure around the world.  Century’s tools are designed to evaluate important geophysical and structural details of boreholes, such as fractures, bedding plans and faults.  Acoustic and Optical imaging gives precise location and dip analysis of these structures so that detailed descriptions of the formation can be utilized to access and design properly engineered structures.  Sonic velocity tools and formation density tools are used to calculate rock mechanics using industry acceptable standards. 

9074 Three Arm Caliper Logging Tool - Three arm caliper tool and gamma ray.  Additional options included casing collar locator, temperature, fluid resistivity measurements, and borehole deviation.  Useful in both open holes to measure hole size and volume and in cased holes to locate screens, perforations, and other casing features.

9320 Full Wave Sonic Tool - Full wave sonic velocity is used to measure acoustic travel time of the formations.  Combined with density measurements, Rock Strength parameters are calculated for engineering parameters useful in mining development.  Additional receivers and spacing selections can be modified.

9057 Multiparameter E-Log Neutron Logging Tool - Multi-parameter tool combining electric logs, gamma ray, neutron porosity and borehole deviation in single pass of the borehole.  Used in mining applications and water well logging programs where neutron porosity is required.

9412 Dipmeter Tool - The dipmeter tool combines of borehole deviation, X-Y hole size, and 4 pad micro- resistivity to measure strata dip and direction.  High resolution recordings give precise structural information to the mining geologist and engineer.  Used primarily in mining, but also used in oil/gas wells.

9415 Micro-Imaging Tool - The micro-imaging tool uses 144 micro-resistivity imaging buttons to “see” the borehole wall environment.  Similar to the dipmeter measurement, dip and direction of the formations can be determined from the borehole imaging data.


9512 Slim Hole Induction Tool - The slim hole induction measuring tool is used in PVC cased hole, and air filled holes where traditional electric logs cannot be obtained.  The tool can also be used in highly conductive formations such as iron, nickel and rare earths to further classify these formations. 


9722 E-M Flowmeter - The EM flowmeter is used in mining, geotechnical, and environmental applications.  The flowmeter has no moving parts, using a sensor developed by the TVA, flow is measured using Faraday’s Law of Induction.  Can be run both in trolling or in stationary modes. 

9804 Series Acoustic Televiewer Tool - Another borehole imaging tool, the acoustic televiewer tool uses sounds waves to image the borehole wall.  Primarily used for structural analysis of formations and orientation of fractures.  Used in mining, geotechnical, and environmental applications. 

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