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Log Menu

The Log Program is used to record logs, perform tool calibrations, set log recording parameters, system calibration such as depth factors, and open/close caliper devices on the logging tools.  The Log Main Menu is shown with the Control Menu, Collect Window (tool parameters), Depth and Strain Measurement Window.  All windows can be moved to the task bar, except the Depth Window. 

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Log menu has windows that will open automatically:  Control Menu, Collect Window, Strain Window and Depth Window

Control Windows

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Tool Transmission

Tool transmits its serial number and a data string to the computer. Each Logging System and Logging Tool has separate calibration files.

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Once the tool calibration file is updated, the new calibrations will be used for each additional log that is run.

Log System Calibration

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Log Tool Calibration

Tool calibration menu is used for logging tools with magnetic and gyro deviation sensors. 

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Rotational logs from the deviation test stand are imported into the menu and the calibration coefficients are output and saved to the calibration directory.

Log Dip Data

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Log Display File

The Display program which is used to display and print the log being collected and can viewed in real-time waterfall display. Values being recorded in the log file may be viewed numerically in the Collect Window of Log.

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Help Log window describes each function of the Log program. Descriptions of each logging tool, the Compu-Log system, the drawworks, and S3000 logging truck are also available.

Log Help Menu

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Log Status

The Status button allows the user to view many of the diagnostic signals coming for the System VI such as tool current, voltage, FSK signals, High Speed signals, plus and minus 5 volts from the encoder, etc.

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