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Water is one of the earth’s most valuable resources, with Century’s equipment, determining proper placement of screen zones, and completion of a well is very useful in today’s water market.  Multi-parameters tools with up to 10 different functions are very popular and equipment is priced to be economic for most small to mid-sized drilling or geophysical companies.  Borehole caliper logging, impeller or EM flow meter measurements, sonic velocity or cement bond logging, and borehole deviation are other important measurements. 

9074 Three Arm Caliper Logging Tool - Three arm caliper tool and gamma ray.  Additional options included casing collar locator, temperature, fluid resistivity measurements, and borehole deviation.  Useful in both open holes to measure hole size and volume and in cased holes to locate screens, perforations, and other casing features.

9144 Series E-Logging Tool - A very popular multi-parameter tool with electric logs, spontaneous potential, natural gamma, fluid resistivity, temperature and magnetic deviation.  For shallower holes, the deviation sensor is removed for small water well drilling projects and lower costs. 

9320 Full Wave Sonic Tool - Full wave sonic velocity is used to measure acoustic travel time of the formations.  Combined with density measurements, Rock Strength parameters are calculated for engineering parameters useful in mining development.  Additional receivers and spacing selections can be modified.

9711 Impeller Flowmeter - An impeller flowmeter used in water well applications where determination of the fluid flow is required.

9722 EM Flowmeter - The EM flowmeter is used in mining, geotechnical, and environmental applications.  The flowmeter has no moving parts, using a sensor developed by the TVA, flow is measured using Faraday’s Law of Induction.  Can be run both in trolling or in stationary modes.

9751 Fluid Sampler Tool - The fluid sampling tool takes depth specific samples for water quality.  Tool is stationed at the measured depth, the logging technician opens the sample valve, using the caliper reverse switch, and sample flows into the sample chamber.

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