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S-Shaped Measuring System -Provides more accurate depth readings

  • Designed for permanent or temporary mounting in a vehicle. Made with aluminum side plates and drum, makes it light weight enough to be used in portable applications.

  • Century’s SYSTEM VI is a peripheral device to the users' Desktop or Laptop computer. Required with Century Probes

  • The motor controller is packaged into the drawworks mounted on the left side (see operator view diagram).

  • Standard configuration is fitted with 700 meters (2300 feet) of 3/16" diameter, 4- conductor steel cable.

  • Regenerative feed back speed controller provides positive and smooth speed control.

  • Automatic level wind provides for trouble free spooling of the cable.

  • Four conductor mercury slip rings provides static free wireline connection.

  • Five volt DC digital optical encoder insures accurate high resolution depth control.

  • Large mechanical band break capable of slowing and stopping drawworks with maximum tool weight and maximum speed.

  • Accessories: sturdy tripod, mudfish, drawworks bypass cable, and LCD depth indicator as seen above - sold separately.

  • Grooved drum core makes changing cable a trouble free task

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