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Small Footprint -
for portable applications

  • Designed for permanent or temporary mounting in a vehicle. Small and light weight enough to be used in portable applications.

  • The Model VI 300M with SYSTEM VI is a peripheral device to the users' Desktop or Laptop computer.  All logging specific hardware/electronics and the motor controller are mounted on the drawworks, which is connected to the users' computer with a standard Ethernet cable connection.

  • Comes equipped with all software and hardware necessary to log, edit, process, print or interpret with the complete list of Century tools. No additional cost is required to add logging tools except the cost of the tool.

  • The Display software provided prints log data via any Windows compatible color or monochrome printer.

  • Provided with on-line HELP which includes instructions on the operation of the Log and Display programs. Additionally, the extensive help program includes specifications and user guides on all of Century's logging tools and equipment.

  • Includes 300 meters of high strength 3/16 inch, 4 conductor logging cable.  Cost of 300 meters of steel cable and cable head is included in the price.

  • Regenerative feed back speed controller provides positive and smooth speed control.

  • Automatic level wind provides for trouble free spooling of the cable.

  • Four conductor mercury slip rings provides static free wire-line connection.

  • Five volt DC digital optical encoder insures accurate high resolution depth control.

  • Large mechanical band break capable of slowing and stopping drawworks with maximum tool weight and maximum speed.

  • Accessories: sturdy tripod, mudfish, drawworks bypass cable - listed separately below.

  • Grooved drum core makes changing cable a trouble free task.

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