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Century’s staff effectively designs and builds almost any desired logging tool.  The “Super Tool” combines a traditional compensated density and borehole deviation tool into one tool – saving rig time and time in the hole.  We have also combined the X-Y caliper and deviation tool to evaluate large diameter water wells to record the “Well Profile”.  For open and cased hole sonic velocity tools, Century has 2, 3, or 4 receiver tools available, with receiver spacings configurable for expected use.  Adding the Photo Electric Density measurement to the slim hole compensated density is also available.  For cased holes – an ultra slim-line dual density and neutron tools used for evaluation through steel drill pipe where borehole conditions are not good for open hole logging.  


9415 Micro-Imaging Tool - The micro-imaging tool uses 144 micro-resistivity imaging buttons to “see” the borehole wall environment.  Similar to the dipmeter measurement, dip and direction of the formations can be determined from the borehole imaging data. 

9445 Tool - The well geometry tool combines X-Y caliper, borehole deviation and natural gamma.  Used in mining applications where stress measurements and hole ovality are required.  For large diameter water wells, this tool also provides better hole size measurement ranges. 

9722 E-M Flowmeter - Used in the environmental and hydrology industries to measure fluid movement in a borehole. The instrument measures flow rates using the principal of Faraday's Law of Induction.  The downhole probe consists of an electromagnet and two electrodes located 180 degrees apart and 90 degrees to the magnetic field inside of a hollow cylinder.  The voltage induced by a conductor moving at right angles through the magnetic field is directly proportional to the velocity of the conductor (water) through the field.

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