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Cableheading Tools
Thermal Printer
Deviation Test Stand
Tools Included: Multi-Meter   Vice Grips   Side Cutter   Needle Nose   Soldering Iron   Hammer   Chisel   Wire Strippers   Grease Gun   Electrical Tape   Spare O-Rings   Heat Shrink
Thermal Printer. High Speed Graphic Printer, for Field and Final Log Plots. Able to print on clear media for blue line prints. An innovative paper handling system that permits reloading of paper without any threading or alignment is standard.     Contents: Setup disks and documentation     Accessories: None
Used to calibrate tools, which have a deviation device, that measures slant angle and bearing. Constructed of welded aluminum the stand is non-magnetic for proper testing of a deviation device (magnetic or gyro can be used). 3 adjustable leveling legs are included, and a rotational motor is used to spin the tool during the test. A compass is mounted on the back support bracket to determine direction of the stand, prior to placing the tool into the device.  
Item Part # Availability Complete Cablehead Assy. & Instructions 112000 In Stock Spring 110281 In Stock Cone (3/16-in. diameter) 110511 In Stock Cone (1/4-in. diameter) 110512 In Stock Cup 110521 In Stock Fishing Bell 110551 In Stock Brass Washer 110581 In Stock Spacer Adapter 110531 In Stock Locking Nut 112002 In Stock Cap 110571 In Stock 4-Pin Connector 760-0111 In Stock Rubber Boot 779-0039 In Stock O-Ring (2 required) 765-2115 In Stock Keyed Connector 112003 In Stock Zerk Fitting 764-0003 In Stock Stainless Set Screw 779-0110 In Stock Cost & Availability
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