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TOOL - 4323


The Full Wave Sonic tool contains a single transmitter and three receivers to record formation travel times. The full wave form data is also recorded simultaneously, along with near, mid, and far travel times, borehole-compensated delta time, calculated sonic porosity, receiver gains, near/far amplitudes and natural gamma. The sonic or acoustic log uses the basic principle of sound waves traveling through a media. The Century sonic system uses a single transmitter and receiver system for recording the travel times of the formation. The receivers are spaced  approximately 3, 4, and 5 feet,  from the transmitter. Therefore, a 0.3 m (1 ft.) calculation can be made to measure this interval transit time. 


Fully downhole digital
Quick automatic setup, unique tool identification
Requires assembly at well site
Can be customized to your specific needs


Properties Measured:

  1.  Transmitter: 24 khz. piezoelectric
    Offset: 154.4 cm (60 in.)

  2. Acoustic Isolator:
    Thermoplastic polyester Offset: N/A

  3. Near Receiver:  (3 ft.) spacing
    Offset:226.7 cm (105 in.)

  4. Mid Receiver:  (4 ft.) spacing
    Offset:297.18 cm (117 in.)

  5. Far Receiver:  (5 ft.) spacing
    Offset:337.9 cm (133 in.)


Length:354.4 cm (126 in.)

Temperature: 120 C (248 F)

Diameter: 63.5 mm (2.5 in.)

Pressure: 350 kg/cm2 (5000 PSI)

Weight: 34 kg (75 lb.)

Logging Speed: 9 m/min.@0.06 SI (30 ft./min. @ 0.2 ft. SI)

Tool #:4323

4323 Product Description

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