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Wireline Tool and Equipment Rentals

 Rental Rates

The below worksheet allows you to choose the system that you desire, and calculate the cost. Print this form, select the desired items and total.  Century does not guarantee availability of rental equipment, and with the increased demand for logging equipment, many items may not be presently available. Daily Price for Equipment (FOB Tulsa, OK)   Equipment Preparation Fee ($200/item)  x _____ items. * Preparation Fee for these tools is $ 400/item.   Rental rates per standard rental terms and conditions. Rental subject to equipment availability. Above price does not include shipping or equipment preparation fee. Minimum rental period is seven (7) days, fourteen (14) days for international rentals, and thirty (30) days for logging trucks.  Prices subject to change without notice.
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Rental Rate Chart

Daily Rental Price for Equipment (FOB TULSA,OK) Logging Systems Daily Rate System VI (Required) $75.00 Drawworks (includes cable and tripod) 700 meter capacity (120vVAC operation) $75.00 1000 or 1800 meter capacity (240 VAC operation) $200.00 Logging Tools Daily Rate 9030/33/34 Multi-Parameter Sidewall Density Logging Tool $150.00 9239 Compensated Density Logging Tool $200.00 8144 SP Multi-Parameter E-Log Logging Tool $100.00 9057 Multi-Parameter E-Log Neutron Logging Tool (Deviation Option) $150.00 9074 Three Arm Caliper $100.00 9075/76 Compensated Neutron Logging Tool $200.00 7201 KUT Logging Tool $200.00** 9097/98 Gyro Deviation Logging Tool $250.00 9320/21 Full Wave Sonic Logging Tool $150.00 9411/12 Dipmeter Logging Tool $250.00** 9510/11/12 Slim Hole Induction Logging Tool $100.00 9620/22 Magnetic Susceptibility (Deviation Option) Logging Tool $100.00 9711 Impeller Flowmeter $75.00 9722 E-M Flowmeter $200.00** 9751 Fluid Sampler $75.00 9804 Televiewer Logging Tool $250.00** Fees and Charges Standard Equipment Preparation Fee per Tool $200.00 **Special Preparation fee for these Tools $400.00 Example: 7201 Kut Tool for 30 Days Preparation Fee (Special)    $400.00 Daily Rate $200 x 30 $6,000.00 TOTAL $6,400.00
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